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It is quite challenging to describe with mere words the feelings we encounter when these little ones appear in ours lives. Pao decided to do it with photography, lines, elements, and anything that will transfer the love that parents feel for their children.

Little baby William

Little brother just arrived home!View full post »

Frida Monseratte

Beautiful little princess…View full post »

Ava Marie

Tiny little details…View full post »

Newborn: Marco Santillana

Marco: Feb 1st, 2016, 3,800kg, 49.5cm, 4:57PM… Welcome home!View full post »

Baby Emilio

A new baby is like the beginning of all things, wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities…View full post »

Carolina Otero

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heartsView full post »

Raul Luca

A baby boy, one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know…View full post »

Raul Luca: The miracle of Life

My first experience documenting the miracle of life with Raul Luca. It was amazing!View full post »